Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My other story..big VENT here!!

OK, so I have been working at my local elementary school that both my kids went to when they were younger.  I used to volunteer all the time (was even Volunteer of the Year) and my husband jokingly said to me that I should get a job there! So I did.  I subbed in the office for 1 1/2 years, than I got the job and worked there 5 1/2 years    (7 altogether).  I was the office aide and the other girl was the secretary. 

Well, the other girl gets another secretary job in the Board of Ed. office. My boss, the principal, asks me if I was applying for the soon to be vacated secretary position and she says, I quote "I think you should,  I think you would do a  great job".  So I apply, make up a resume (which I had never done before).  I fill out this questionnaire, take a secretary test at the career center,  go to mall and buy "interview clothes"(black suit) and go the interview.  My boss, the board office secretary who has not retired yet and the director of curriculum (who retires this month also) interview me and I feel it's all a formality, of course I should get the job, step right into it, right? They also interview 3 other candidates.

This interview was on Tuesday. On Saturday, I go to my bosses son's wedding, having already been to the wedding shower a few weeks prior. Give a nice gift, of course!!!

The next week I find out by my boss that the "interview team", as she calls them, has decided on another person for the job!! This person had executive secretary experience and accounting and budgeting experience!!! How could she? She has been an aide at the High School for a LONG time!! Besides that, where is the freaking LOYALTY from my boss to me?? I could have easily done this job.  I knew the building, the students, the staff and the JOB!!

Well, me and my husband were so freaking PO'd and upset!! I went between crying and being downright mad at the same time!

That Friday I calmly walked into her office and handed her my 2 weeks notice of resignation! Mind you it was the last day before Christmas break and I would be off for the next 2 weeks for Christmas vacation!! Wait, it gets better now.....

My boss calls me into her office and tells me that she and the superintendent, Dr. Hotshot (who retires in June) have decided that I should leave early at 1:00 that day instead of 3:15 like I normally would leave. They don't want any problems with employees....what does that mean?? I'm sure it meant that she did not want the entire staff  bad-mouthing her all day!

So that is my true story and I am now unemployed,  for now! It was not that I did not get the job...I just could not go back and work for her everyday!

My husband does a lot of interviewing and hiring and he said that he never heard of such bull crap like the way I was treated.

What do you think of that??

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