Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My "Studio" !

I used to have my stamp room in a smaller bedroom that used to be the baby room, my son's room, a TV room, a workout room and than it became my stamping room. When my daughter moved home from college and wanted to move into a larger bedroom in our addition her bedroom became available, and it was bigger so I decided to move into it.

I casually mentioned to my husband, Rick, one day that some stampers called their special room their "Studio" and that was all he needed.  He than kept on calling my room "The Studio", half joking, half mockery, but funny none-the-less.  And so the name stayed. Hence, my blog name!

I decided to get all new stuff, mainly because my other stuff was junky, and also because we were in the process of building him a huge barn this summer. So what's a little Studio remodel?

Decided on Lowe's for the cabinets and counters..the cheapest ones.  Went to Walmart and bought the black CD bookshelves for my walls.  Rick cut the bottom shelf the same depth as  the rest of the shelves so  they'd all be the same. The floor came from Home is like that Pergot stuff only vinyl.  It just sticks to one another and can rip out easily.  No more carpet for me...I like to reink my pads a lot and in my last room I reinked a nice strip of purple all over the off-white carpet!!


My main area where I stamp. Yes, that is my dog on my laptop. I got the idea for putting my ribbon in jars from Jenn Balcer.  I had canning jars (wide mouth) so I used those.


My Stampin' Up stamps, cutters, Score Pal, Designer Paper and my boxes of cards.  I have all my holiday stamps in one of the cabinets. I finally got rid of a bunch of sets I have not used in a long time.


This was originally supposed to be my sewing area but as you can see that is sitting on the room. Sigh....... But I do have my new lights!!


My closet with the doors removed.  All kinds of wonderful things in there!! lol!!

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Dana said...

AMAZING studio Kelly! WOW! I'm in awe...