Sunday, February 3, 2008

My new adventure.......a stamp business!!

You may have read that I recently quit my job right before Christmas.  It turns out it may have been a blessing in disguise!  Rick was always asking my why there didn't seem to be very many religious stamps at the local stamp stores.  I also had a hard time finding any at the online stores I shop at.

I have decided to start my own busines selling religious rubber stamp sets!! Call it what you like......religious, spiritual, faith...that is the type I am creating. I feel that God is calling me to do this as things just keep falling into thing after another!

I have been very busy designing my stamps and starting my website.  There is so much to learn!  I decided to manfacture my stamps in deep etched rubber.  I do like the clear stamps, which are becoming increasingly popular, but I still like the rubber stamps for their superior quality and fine detail. After researching both,  I learned fine art images produce better with the red rubber.  I may at a later time do some text images only in clear stamps.


My rubber stamp sets will include an image stamp and 2-3 verses that will feature that image's theme. Can you guess what that image will be?

A portion of my profits will be donated to a charitable organization. My first choice will be at my church's Food Pantry. There are just so many unfortunate families out there who are desperate for food foe their familes. Our chucrch gets so many reuqests for foos and household supplies...even things like diapers and personal care products!

I worked at the elementary school for 7 1/2 years in the office but occasionally I would need to go to the lunchroom.  You would not believe hoe much food is thrown away every day from the students.  TONS of food, mostly the good food like sandwiches and fruit, are THROWN OUT all the time.  You would be so surprised.......

My family is so blessed to have an ample supply of food in our home.  We just go to the refrigerator or cupboard, open it up, and have our choice! Ricj and I like to go out every so often and buy some of the requested items, like peanut butter, boxed dinners, toilet paper, etc. and drop them off at our church. I would like to be able to help out even more with a donation from my stamp sets.

I still have much to do but I wanted to let my few blog readers know of my upcoming venture! Stay tuned!! Thanks for reading and visiting my blog!!


Dana said...

Wow, what an admirable endeavor to take on! And so exciting too! I'm so pleased that you are following your heart, and I just know there will be a niche for your stamps.
Good luck.

dini said...

Wow! I'm subscribing so I can follow your adventure...if you need anyone to do a little design work for know where to find me!!

Laurie said...

Well I am excited--there is a real need for scripture stamps. You go girl!!

Shirley said...

I am so thrilled that you are designing religious rubber stamps! You are so right, they are hard to find. I love the little sneak peaks on your blog. I really like your style. I simply cannot wait!!! Good luck and may God bless your designing efforts!!