Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tin Time!

Just thought I'd show you the tins I made for Rick, Summer and Ricky.  I bought them from Papertrey.  I actually bought 5 of them but my friend, Jane, made 2 for her daughters. I bought the little heart tins at Oriental Trading. They are very small!

Debbie has some great instructions on her Thinking Inking blog to cover the tins.  It was a little difficult following the groove in the track of the window. I think they came out OK!

I filled Rick's with nuts and mints filled in cellophane bags tied with coordinating ribbons. Summer's had white and red TicTac's, white LifeSavers and pink gum balls. Ricky's had some nuts and a $10 bill tucked into one of the little tins. Money works for him!! lol!



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patty wetzel said...

love all your stuff! so cool! :)