Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Angel of the team!!

Please meet Angel Wilde! Funny combination of names....  Angel..soft, sweet, holy..and than Wilde...as in Wild Thing!! lol!

Angel resides in Georgia with her Air Force DH  and her teen-aged daughter.  Her 2 older sons and daughter-in-law attend a Christian College in Kansas.

I chose Angel because of her love of God. Her SCS gallery, angelwilde, is full of beautiful, floral  and inspirational cards and projects.  From viewing her blog it is very clear to see her love of children and inspirational quotes! In fact, this past week she has been very busy visiting with her Godchildren but she was able to send me a card.

Angel's card is so soft and pretty..I just love it! Check back next week for another look at her work.


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