Thursday, September 4, 2008

Please say a prayer for Sandy!!

Sandy and Steve have been our close friends for over 10 years now.  Our daughters, Jamie and Summer played softball together starting in 5th grade and they are in their 3rd year of college! They started with rec ball, then played on a travel team, finally progressing to a tournament team (plus high school).  We spent almost every weekend with them in the summer for years! We have gone to the Ohio state tournament and traveled all over the country for the Nationals tournaments.  And I can't forget winter softball in an indoor facility!!

A little over a month ago we went away for an overnighter with Sandy, Steve and Jamie.  Sandy was telling me she had a doctors appointment because she thought something was wrong with her gall bladder. Well, within 2 weeks from that she found out she had liver cancer that had spread from her colon.  At 49 years old, Sandy is in excellent health, eats a very healthy diet and excercises regulary. She had no symptoms!

Ironically, the day I found out and talked to Sandy about her cancer was also the same day as the release of my cancer set..Hope!! Just like the one stamp in the stamp says "Nothing is Impossible with God"!

Sandy faces a tough road ahead but I know that with the right treatments and with all the prayers from family and friends, and through the grace of God she will pull through this!

I am asking every person who reads this to say at least ONE PRAYER for Sandy..and if you can please include her daily in your prayers.

I know that God gave the idea to me to start Our Daily Bread designs, to help spread His word, and through this business I have gathered some of the best God-loving people in the world!! My husband, Rick, always says my customers are such wonderful and righteous people and are the "cream of the crop"!!

SandyKelley This is an older picture, taken on a caribberan cruise our families went on together over spring break, and it shows Sandy and I by a beautiful flower arrangement we had been admiring. We do look a little goofy in!!



Here is an other picture of Sandy with her husband of 26 years, Steve, during the same cruise.

They have 2 children, Scott, 23, and Jamie, 21 (and a chocolate lab named Charlie!!).

I really would appreciate as many prayers as possible for Sandy to help her through this difficult time in her life.  Thank you and God Bless You!!

The miracle is not that we do this work, but that we are happy to do it.  Mother Theresa


Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, there.. I have prayed for a miracle for Sandy.
Blessings to you for asking,
Chris xx

Linda C. said...

I am so sorry to see this about your special friend. I'll pray for Sandy as the Lord brings her to mind as well as Steve, kids & you.

Janet Sisk said...

I have said a prayer for Sandy and her family. God is THE God of miracles, but His Will is not always what we want or expect. I pray that no matter what His Love will reign supreme and that people will come to His saving grace through Sandy's experience. We were made to worship Him and depend on Him through everything life has to offer. He loves Sandy more than anyone else and will care for her through it all. I am so glad that she has such a loving and caring friend in you.

Karen said...

Sandy is in my prayers every night. She is so sweet and a very loving person. May God bless her and may he carry her and her family through this time. See I work with Sandy and she is truely a "Special Angel".

Stacy Twinshappy SCS said...

I had read about Sandy this morning and said a prayer for her. I am glad you posted her address for us to send cards. Consider a card in the mail tomorrow for her. This has got to be so hard on her and the family. Hugs....

BarbW said...

Sorry to learn of your dear friend, Sandy. As believers we know that God is the ultimate physician and that HE is in control. I will add Sandy and her family to my prayers. It's great that she has a friend like you, to ask others to pray for her. two don't look goofy in the pic at look very happy and rested. God Bless~BarbW.

Jen G said...

I will keep Sandy in my prayers and add her to my prayer chains.

Cathy Keck said...

I will pray for your friend.
Thank you for starting this stamp company, I love all the stamps.
My favorite is one that I do not currently have, Fishers of Men.

Mary C. Anderson said...

I am sosorry about your friend Sandy. Please know that someone livning in NH is sending many prayers and positive thoughts her way.

Carin said...

Thank you for sharing Sandy's story so I can have the privilege to pray for a miracle for her & her family. No matter what she is facing my prayer is that God will get the glory through it all.

Billie (myboys) said...

Hearts full of prayers to Sandy. I will glady send her a card.

Billie (myboys) said...

I found your story amazing regarding the stamp set release date and your friends illness at the same time. It is amazing how God works and we know he is by her side very tight during this time. I am sure she is also lucky to have you as a loving and caring good friend. My card will be mailed to her as well as many blessings to her and her family.

Lydian said...

So sorry to hear about your friend Sandy..TX for sharing her story..I just want U to know that someone in Manitoba, Canada will be praying for her daily!!

Karen B said...

So sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis and I will keep Sandy and her family in my prayer's daily. The Lord never gives us more than we can handle and prayer certainly brings about miracles. You asked about stamps; my favorite: "Sing to the Lord". Karen B.

Heather said...

I will think positive thoughts for your friends family and her friends too!
Hugs from Australia :)

Charlene H. said...

She looks like such a beautiful woman. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family.

D. Hall said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Sandy's diagnosis. Our son is a cancer survivor, so
we know God hears and answers prayers. Know
that I'll keep her in my prayers. D. Hall

Dawn said...

My favorite set is Hope. I love the says, so true.

Linda C Crowder said...

If Sandy needs encouragement and someone to email about her problem, I am here! Been there, and I'm in remission. Liver problems are bad but not impossible. Cancer is the problem here and it is reversable. Colon cancer is a big problem for the US as it doesn't cause problems at first. It is the secondary stages where you find it and if it is in an inoperable organ like the liver, well, it's a bad situation. But, with the grace of God and the mighty prayer, we have a chance. There is always a light. That light is God. Ask her to work closely with the American Cancer Society. They have some wonderful volunteers who have been there in one form or another. And, ask people not to just pray, but to volunteer. The rewards of helping others are great and God will bless you. I know, I am still here. I am a volunteer, too. In His grace, Linda Crowder

Julie Koerber said...

I just read this for the first time after seeing a link on SCS. Sandy will certainly be in my prayers. Thanks for all you do! Not every company can wear their faith on their sleeve - or in your case - on rubber! Much success to you!

patti moffett said...

God still works miracles...My sister Geri age 53 was diagnosed with colon cancer in May, she went to have a Pet Scan presurgery and they discovered spots on het liver as well. She had surgery in early June and they were able to remove the cancer from her colon and resection. One of the spots was removed, one "was not there" glory to God and the other was tricky so they left it. She began chemo. I had heard about a revival taking place in Lakeland Fl, evangelist Todd Bentley. She was too sick to travel the 4 hours but by the Lord's grace the sessions were aired on Direct Tv. She received her healing with a word of knowledge from Mr. Bentely "Someone is being healed of colon and liver cancer". She knew that God had healed her at that moment and asked the Dr. for another PetScan but he said wait til end of chemo in Dec. A Week later she discovered a lump under her arm and the Dr. sent her for the PetScan to see what was going on (She knew in her heart that this was to prove she had been healed...AND THAT IT DID...the results say no evidence of cancer anywhere in her body...not her colon, not her liver nowhere.
Please tell Sandy we will pray til the healing comes...the Word the Lord gave me for Geri was in Acts 27 Paul and the shipwreck...small shipwreck, little snakebite, ALL SURVIVE
please feel free to contact me
patti moffett 856 829-2448
I am sure Geri would be happy to talk with Sandy if she is up to it
blessings in abundance for our all-powerful, miracle working God