Monday, December 1, 2008

Blog Candy Winners!

I had 209 comments for the blog candy and have chosen the winners! Ladies, please email me with your choice of stamp set!

I read each and every comment and many moved me to tears! Thank you to everybody for taking the time to leave your comment!

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Blindstamper (maryanne Straling)
I thank God for His gift of salvation, for His walking with me daily, protecting, providing, encouraging, inspiring me in our daily walk. I thank God for what is, and for what isn't. (He only knows how much worse this wourld could be). I thank God for my family, friends, this nation, for the freedom to worship Him, and talk out loud about Him, His Love, His providence. Everything we have, see, experience, even the negative things (He turns them to Good for all that believe in Him for His Gl;ory. I am greatful to be 59 years old, was blind almost 19 years due to bylateral kerataconus, and no Do. would do surgery since they thought I formed kyloids (thus they thought I would loos any chance at any sight). Finally the Friday before Christmas 2001 I found a Dr. that believed surgery should be done, and should have been done 19 years ago. Monday before Christmas my husband 4kids, and I said "Let's trust God and go for it." I had successful surgery and now have 20/25 in one eye and 20/20 in the other, wear glasses to protect my transplants, have 2 friends names unknown,I shall meat some day, walking with me. I am an artist, rubberstamper, have carved several different stamps. The biggest gift was not the ability to see, but when I found out that I definately do not form kyloids, and because of their lies, or miss information I had to raise our 4 children while much more than legally blind, I could have got real mad. God's grace was and is that since both doctors nol onger practice, and can hurt no one else, I have no time to be mad. I have each day to make the best with it I can. That is the greatest blessing, and that all in our family felt the same way is tremendous. I also have survived brest cancer. To many blessings to enumerate. Thank God .

I am most thankful for my faith that I have re-newed in the past year! God is Great! My family who is so great and loving. My friends who are so close to me they are family! For the military who are out fighting for our freedom as US citizens.


I am thankful that God's grace is sufficient for everyday regardless of what's happening in our lives, that joy can be found no matter the circumstances and that we should always be reminded life's not just about us that we should reach out whenever we can and lend a hand.

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