Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday Favorites - Cross of Christ

If you look up the word "cross" in a dictionary you'll find several definitions, one being the literal meaning of a "an upright bar traversed by a horizontal one".  For Christians the spiritual meaning is of the utmost importance, which is "an affliction that tries one's virtue, steadfastness, or patience" and "a cruciform sign made to invoke the blessing of Christ".

The Cross of Christ symbolizes that spirituality and that is why we adore this set, for its meaning and for what it invokes within us.


Here are a few cards that showcases the beautiful cross, scripture and sentiments.

DTGD08Jen copy 

WRBF-347-2008 copy 

Feb_Divine_Design_BVC09_Fix_Our_Eyes_MR copy 

Untitled copy

071408_ODBC copy 

Dtgd_ribbon_addict_ncmorgan_1_ copy 

We hope this set will help you express your spirituality and devotion to Christ and to spread His message of faith, virtue and patience.


Blog/Product Review Coordinator


Kelley said...

Beautiful message, Lorelie!

Misti said...

WOW! Thanks for featuring one of my cards! I LOVE the ODB stamps! They are so encouraging and there is always a shortage of good Biblical stamps and I appreciate you filling in that gap!