Friday, April 17, 2009

Flashback Friday Favorites - Sing to the Lord

Welcome back for another flashback!  This time we're taking you back to a set that is a favorite to many because of it's versatility, from creating colorful floral backgrounds to a beautiful branch for which your song bird perches upon.  The set we're talking about is the very popular Sing to the Lord:


 Once you take a gander at the card samples below you'll know why it's well loved!

By: Kelley Holland

Grad_0061 copy 

By: Angie Zublionis

Doogwood_ODBDsketch1a_DWQ_WMsm copy 

By: Jane Wetzel

Odb_005 copy 

By: Laurie Schmidlin


By: Faith Wilnechenko

DSC01808_by_yabbadodo copy 

By: Deb Saaranen

DLS_Get_Well_Blue_Bird copy 

As you can see, whether you decide you want a blue bird, a blue-green bird, an uncolored bird, pink flowers, purple flowers or background flowers - you'll always have a winning card when you use the Sing to the Lord set.


Odbsiggylorelie Blog/Product Review Coordinator


Judy Rozema said...

What beautiful samples you showcased!

Diane Noble said...

These samples are all just gorgeous! What beautiful and inspiring artwork.
There's a special award waiting for you, Kelley, and all of your design team members at Women to Women: Sharing Jesus. I hope each of you will accept it and wear it with joy on your blogs.
Blessings to each of you for the beautiful ways you exalt the name of Christ!
Diane Noble