Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let's Learn a Little About Dina!

Dina Kowal is a talented and gifted stamper and designer and we sat down (in cyber space, of course!) to chat with this Bread Basket member about a few things:


How long have you been stamping, and how did you start?
remember stamping with a friend back in junior high - she was sort of a
surrogate "mom" that's about 20 years ago (*gasp*!).  I had a few
stamps in college, but really got into stamping as an art and creative
outlet after I got married in 2000.

How long have you been on the ODBD DT?

Since the beginning, March 2008.

How would you describe your "style"?

That's a good one...I guess "artistic" is a word that other people have used lately to describe my style. 

What was the first stamp you ever bought? 

I had a bookplate stamp, like "from the library of" with country-looking bunnies on it...

Describe the "weirdest" stamp you have. 

I have a chihuahua that says "Yo quiero rubber stamps!" like the old Taco Bell commercials...that's an odd one.
What is your favorite medium to work with?

I work mostly with Prismacolor pencils and Derwent watercolor pencils,
but occasionally throw in a little sparkle with Shimmerz or Twinkling

What is your favorite technique?

I like creating my own backgrounds and scenes with chalk inks.

What is your favorite or most used tool? (Other than the basics: adhesive, scissors, etc.)

Scor-Pal...and also...I have a pair of reverse tweezers that close flat
and tight - those are great for holding on a bow or button while the
glue dries.

What inspires you in your stamping?

Everything - oddly I've often been inspired by laundry, like a color combination thrown together in the basket. Nature, too. 

What is one of the top items on your stamping wish list?
love to have a diecut machine, even though it's not very practical
spacewise and with us living overseas. I'd use it, though, and it would
be so helpful at the missions school just killed me at Christmas to see people cutting out 300 circles for candle holders, stars, etc. by hand.

What is one food you couldn't live without?

Is there a song title that reflects your personality? 
Break my Stride!

Do you have any friends that understand your addiction?  (Other than your stamping friends that live in the computer)

Not really, no. :) And the customs lady at the post office is completely baffled.

Take a look at some of the beautiful creations by Dina: 


Check out Dina's SCS Gallery and her blog, Mama Dini's Stamperia! Dina has designed several ODBD stamp sets. You can read more about that and her designs HERE

Thanks for stopping by today!
Odbsiggyjudy DT Coordinator


Kim said...

This was a fun interview! Nice to get to know you better, Dina! I had to laugh at the postal worker being baffled. We are a strange breed!

dini said...

That's an old picture...I still have highlights left in my hair! Sigh...Thanks for the fun writeup!

Lorelie said...

To not have a die-cutting's almost hard to imagine! Your designs and creations and always fabulous!!