Monday, April 6, 2009

Product Review...Flower Soft

Have you seen some of our Bread Basket gals using something that looks like this?

Flower Soft Tutorial 

Do you see it?  Those raised, colored specks on the vine are a product called FLOWER SOFT and they add a wonderful amount of dimension and floral realism to your card.  What's even better is that they are so simple to use and below is a quick how-to.

Gather your Flower Soft supplies (which are all readily available in the Our Daily Bread designs store):

Jar of Flower Soft

Flower Soft glue

Flower Soft Topper

Picture 418 

I trimmed the Flower Soft card topper to allow it to fit in a 6" square card.

Picture 424

Before you start applying theFlower Soft, grab a couple pinches of it and "fluff" it up in the jar's lid.  It is tightly compacted in the container so you'll want to roll it around between your fingers to separate them.

Picture 425

Working in small sections at a time to prevent the ultra thick glue from drying, apply directly onto the floral parts of the frame.  The glue dries clear so need to worry!

Picture 419 

Sprinkle the Flower Soft on and lightly press them down onto the glued sections.  Tap off excess.

Picture 421 

Picture 420 

Continue working in sections until you've applied it on all the floral images.

Picture 422

Here is the end result - a beautiful frame with dimensional flowers for your scripture or image!

Copy of Flower Soft Tutorial 

You'll also find paper wired stems to make bouquets and bunches as well and here's a quick tutorial!


Cut a small piece of wire, fluff up some Flower Soft and grab your glue.


Apply glue to the wire.


Dip the wire into the Flower Soft and twirl it around to get good coverage.


Repeat this for however many floral stems you'd like in your bouquet and add it to your card.

Pick up several colors of Flower Soft and coordinating supplies today.  Once you've tried this product you'll find any excuse to use it on all your cards.  You can blame us because we are definetly hooked on them!!  Happy crafting!

 Odbsiggylorelie  Blog/Product Review Coordinator





seamom said...

Thank you so much for the review! I have noticed that so many blogger stampers are using Flower Soft, and I couldn't figure out what it is. Now I (gladly) know!

seamom said...

Oh! Both of your example cards are beautiful!

Chris O. said...

Lorelie, Awesome cards and tutorial!!! Your end products are gorgeous!!

Chris O. said...

Lorelie, Awesome cards and tutorial!!! Your end products are gorgeous!!

Amy Sheffer said...

Awesome tutorial, Lorelie! Your cards are incredible!

Judy Rozema said...

Lorelie, what an awesome tutorial and beautiful card. You are doing an amazing job with these tutorials!