Friday, May 15, 2009

Flashback Friday Favorites - Hope

This particular set has touched me personally, having lost my beloved father-in-law, Daniel Kim, Sr., to pancreatic cancer 6 months ago.  It's ironic to call it a "flashback" because we constantly look back and reminisce about him "before diagnosis" and "after diagnosis". 

During a time of crises we look to hope...hope in healing, hope in salvation and hope in leaving this world in peace so that our loved one(s) may enter into His kingdom with a light heart and a clear mind.  The Hope set was definitely a strong anchor in keeping our family together.


Here are some beautiful cards that were created, some for those battling cancer and some to help those who needed to find some reason behind the suffering:







The last words my father-in-law spoke to me were "I'm ready".  I hear it every day.  I knew that hope for healing was no longer within reach, but hoping he had found inner peace with what was happening to him?  I knew he had found it.  We hold on to one hope that we'll all see him in Paradise one day. That hope will always be there thanks to our faith...........

Odbsiggylorelie Blog/Product Review Coordinator


Angella Crockett said...

Wow, Lorelie....such a touching post! Thank you for highlighting this beautiful set! God Bless!

Kelley Holland said...

Like you, I look forward to our own family reunion in heaven! It will be so great! I can wait, though!