Friday, May 22, 2009

Flashback Friday Favorites - Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer...words that unite us as they were taught by Jesus to His disciples and is the basic prayer for all Christians.  Our Daily Bread designs wouldn't be the company that it is if Jesus' teachings about the importance of honoring God above all else were not celebrated as a single stamp. 


How beautiful it is to recite these words daily and to see them on your projects as a testament to your Christian beliefs!





Our Father 

Lord_prayer copy 

Let the Lord's Prayer grace your projects today as it has graced your lips thousands of times over.

Odbsiggylorelie Blog/Product Review Coordinator



Angella Crockett said...

Wow, these cards are so beautiful, as is the Lord's prayer. Thanks for reminding us of the Lord's promises!

Chris O. said...

These are all so beautiful!!! What a testimony and reminder!