Monday, May 25, 2009

Product Review - Spellbinders

Do you know what all the craze is about? It's called Spellbinders and it is a MUST HAVE for every crafter! They are a touted as a triple threat when it comes to your projects - they cut, they dry emboss and you can use them as a stencil! We like to think of them as a quadruple threat because you can mix and match them to create eye-catching results and we'll show you how!

Here's what you'll need:

- Wizard machine and accessories (two white master mats, one magnetic

spacer mat, one tan emboss pad, one universal cut mat are all included

in the package)

- Spellbinders dies (shown are Labels One and Labels Four)

- Coordinating cardstocks and papers

Create your sandwich as shown: white master mat, magnetic spacer mat, Spellbinder die, cardstock and 2nd white master mat. You will want to label one of the white master mats with "Cut Plate" if you'll be embossing foils. This will keep the other mat free from cut marks, ensuring clean embossing on your delicate project.

With the Spellbinder logo away from you and the handle towards you, run the sandwich through by cranking the handle back and forth. There you have it - a perfect die cut. If you run the sanwhich with the Wizard facing the other way that sandwich will shoot right out and probably put a dent in your wall because it's that powerful!

Remove the top white master plate and carefully remove the magnetic spacer pad. Try to keep the cardstock securely on the die. Place the tan embossing mat over the die and cardstock. Put the white master plate on top of that to make your sandwich again. Run through the Wizard as above. You'll end up with an crisp and clean dry embossed die cut!

Now let's stencil! After cutting and embossing, turn the die over with the cardstock still in place. Hold down while sponging ink in a circular motion all around, keeping a gentle pressure on the sponge to prevent harsh mark ups.

Layer your die cuts any which way your heart desires and finish your card:

Completed card features Keep My Lamp Burning and Light of the World stamp sets, Prismatic Teal Pack, Simply Smoothwhite cardstock, Dew Drops Water, Canson Arches Travel Pad watercolor paper and K & Company Wild Raspberry pad.

Look at more of these beauties!

(Labels Four set)

(Labels One set)

(Labels Three, Small Octagon and Small Scalloped Octagon sets)

(Foliage Frame set)

(Classic Frame set)

(Labels Three set)

(Labels Three and Grand 12" Classic Lace Border)

Pick up a Wizard machine and a few die cut sets and you'll be adding fabulous pizazz in a jiffy!

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Angella Crockett said...

Awesome post, Lorelie!!! And gorgeous card samples too!!!

Kathy J (aka Wattle) said...

Such a wonderful tutorial!!! Awesome card examples --- you have to love Spellbinders!!!! :)