Monday, May 18, 2009

Product Review - Wood Mount vs. Cling Cushion

You are no longer tied down to simply choosing wood mounted stamps these days.  At Our Daily Bread designs you have a choice between wood mounted sets and Cling Cushion sets.  What's the difference?  Well, sit back and relax while we show you!

The left photo is of a Cling Cushion set and the right side is the Wood Mount set.

BOTH sets are made from RUBBER.  They are exactly the same with the exception of the cling cushion backing on the Cling Cushion set. 

This is the other side of a Cling Cushion stamp set package.


Each Cling Cushion set is mounted onto a thin but sturdy acrylic sheet.  The cling cushion is not sticky to the touch. 

Our Daily Bread designs carries four different sizes of acrylic blocks to suit each stamp.  There is NO ADHESIVE REQUIRED to attach the Cling Cushion stamp onto the acrylic block.  Just peel, stick, stamp and replace.  It clings on like magic!  If they ever lose their "clingy-ness" just wash with warm water and let dry...they'll be good as new!


This is your classic ODBD stamp mounted on wood.

The biggest advantage of Cling Cushion stamps is the amount of space you save!  Since the stamp sets are created with the acrylic blocks in mind, you'll only need the four sizes we carry.  

Whether you prefer the classic wood mount set or the revolutionary Cling Cushion set you'll still get a high quality product!

Product Review


Mary Dinucci said...

I thought I would give a personal testimony for smart cushion mounted rubber stamps. In April of 2003 I discovered unmounted stamps, and ordered smart cushion seperately. I learned how to mount the rubber to the cushion, and still do that - IF I CANNOT BUY THE STAMP I WANT ON SMART CUSHION. My cushion mounted stamps are mostly stored in notebooks on plastic storage sheets which come hole-punched. Way less storage space required! Yea!
Our Daily Bread offers its designs already mounted on chshion, saving me the time and trouble of doing it myself. And better than notebook storage, their stamps come in a plastic case. I can see and pull the set I want from my storage bin, place a stamp on my acrylic block, ink it and stamp!
We have a choice as to which we prefer, and that is a wonderful thing!

Lorelie said...

Hi Mary!! Thanks for your Smart Cushion testimonial...I LOVE MINE, TOO!!

Angella Crockett said...

Awesome post, Lorelie! And I have to agreee! I had never used anything but wood mounted stamps, until I joined the ODBD DT. What I love about the Smart Cushion is that even though there is NO adhesive, the stamps NEVER come loose from the acrylic block while you are using them!!! And the rubber is the best quality I've never have to worry about the center of your image not stamping well! Thanks, Kelley, for giving us such an awesome product to work with!!

Judy Rozema said...

Hear, hear!!