Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday Favorite- You Are the Potter

Many read the Bible on a daily basis.  Many others attend church every Sunday. Both teach us God's ways and we learn from the scriptures.  Whether we memorize each scripture or hold close only those that deeply touches us, one thing holds true...we are molded by them one way or another.  The You Are the Potter set captures that spirit of religious enlightenment.

We all strive to become worthy of His love and the chosen scriptures and image for this set depicts that beautifully.  We are His artwork during our time here so we must allow Him to shape and reshape us each and every day, that we are "wonderfully made" by the time we enter our next life with Him.

You_Are_The_Potter_3_B LikeClay030109bygbedwright

Pottery_card_no_1_wm Pottery_inspire_DWQ_WMsm

Be shaped.  Be molded.  Become one of His masterpieces.

Odbsiggylorelie Blog Coordinator


Angella Crockett said...

Lorelie, such a beautiful and powerful message today! I know we all struggle with acceptance issues and this set just confirms His word that He has made us exactly as He wants us!

KristineB said...

Gorgeous creations... each of YOU and your cards! =0) Love this post today, and this is one of my favorite sets!! Great job ladies. Have a wonderful weekend!

Chelsea Cook said...

I am continually amazed at the talent of this design team. Surely the Lord is at work with all of you. Beautiful stamp set followed by beautiful creations.

Grace Nywening said...

Lorelie this is such a great post and I do love this set!!! How true! We need to let Him mold us into the vessel fit for His use! Thanks for that reminder today!