Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback Friday Favorite - Love

We flashed back to Love One Another last week and today we're revisiting one of the companion sets to it, Love!
Did you notice the capital letters of the words in this set as well as on the Love One Another set?  Look closely and you'll see hearts!  It's the little details like this that Kelley pays special attention to.  She is quite the perfectionist and it takes her many, many, MANY hours to settle on the final font, size and word placings before she's ready to offer it to you all! 
It is precisely that kind of dedication and LOVE that has made Our Daily Bread designs what it is today...a company devoted to the teachings of Jesus and to the customers who enjoy spreading that LOVE through art!
   SC224 TLL_ODBD_Faith_Hope_and_Love

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