Monday, October 19, 2009

Product Review and Super Special Sale - Ranger Crackle Accents

If you've ever tried the "Cracked Glass Technique" on a card or project, you can relate to how time-consuming it is to clear-emboss layer upon layer, then make multiple trips to your freezer to be able to "crack the glass" enough times to get the right look.   Ranger has made it super easy to achieve that same awesome effect in ONE SIMPLE STEP, using Crackle Accents!!
Crackle Accents
Crackle Accents is a transparent gloss medium which dries to a cracked finish.   It can be used on any project to add dimension, create a "vintage" look, add texture to your hand-made paper buttons,  and it can also be used as glue.
To apply Crackle Accents  start on a scrap piece of paper in order to let the bubbles out....immediately moving to your project.  Once you start, continue to squeeze the bottle slowly; do not lift the applicator tip from your project until it is fully coated, to ensure that there are no bubbles.  If you happen to see a bubble, either pop it with a pin or drag to the outside edge right away.
IMPORTANT TIP:  Never shake your bottle of Crackle Accents.....this will cause many, many bubbles!

Crackle PR 1  
Once you have finished applying the glaze to your project, set it aside in a safe area and DO NOT touch it until it is fully cracked....I know, it's hard to resist, but if you touch it when it's still tacky, your fingerprint will be a permanent part of your project!!!

Crackle PR 2

Depending on how thick it is applied, drying times can vary from 2 to 8 hours.  When it is completely dry, finish your project and enjoy your results!!!!

Crackle PR Card

Here is an example of coating your paper-buttons to give a little extra "oompf"!
Crackle Button
Kelley's B-day
So, what are you waiting for?!  Head on over to Our Daily Bread Designs, and add Crackle Accents to your cart today.  Are you excited yet?  Well, here is some REALLY exciting news:  Crackle Accents is the Super Special Sale item this week, 20 % off until Saturday, October 24, 2009 at midnight EST. 
Many blessings to you!!
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Angie Crockett Product Review Team

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marcelle schauer said...

Angella, this card is so beautiful, love the color pink. Your demo on crackle and the card you made with it is perfect. Great job!