Monday, January 25, 2010

Product Review & Tutorial - Bow Easy

Do you ever get frustrated trying to tie the perfect bow? Around and around and around you go, and all you end up with is a lop-sided bow! If this is you, then the "Bow Easy" is the tool you've been waiting for!! The "Bow Easy" template comes in two can make seven different sized bows with the small template and four sizes with the large template. The number of loops in your bow is up to you...the more you wrap your ribbon, the more loops you get! Each side of the "Bow Easy" is a different size. The "Bow Easy" templates are made from a lightweight plastic material and can be stored easily since they are only approximately 1/16" thick. Each "Bow Easy" comes with an instruction sheet. Don't be intimidated.....this is very easy to do!! I'm sorry now that I waited so long to get one!!

Your first step is to choose which size bow you would like to make. Don't cut your ribbon until step 2.....and you want to use more ribbon than what you see on my photos....mine was almost too short! Leave a enough for a tail on the left side, hold the ribbon with your left hand while you wrap the ribbon around the "Bow Easy" one time. Of course if you are a "lefty", reverse the lefts and rights in these instructions! :)

After wrapping the ribbon around, cut your ribbon the length of the tail you want plus a couple of inches to allow for wrapping around the bow center.

Take the right side tail and insert it through the center slot of the "Bow Easy".

When pulling the ribbon through to the back side, do not pull the top loop tight yet. Bring the right tail around to the front and loop it over and under, through the ribbon loop where you see my thumb.

Begin tightening the right the center loop into the slot so that you can start pulling the right tail tight. (This is where I nearly ran into trouble with the short tail! Thought my "trial and error" would help you not make the same mistake!!)

This is the under-side of your bow. Before tightening all the way, make sure your center loop looks good on the can still tweak it at this point. Once it's tightened, it doesn't come loose, which is a good thing!

This is what the front of your bow looks like when it's finished. Slide the bow from the "Bow Easy", trim the ends, and it's ready for your project!!

Here is the finished bow. Notice the size of the bow loops are the same as that side of the "Bow Easy". You can gauge what size bow you need by holding the template next to your project before you start. No guesswork when you use this template!!

Here is a large bow made with the large "Bow Easy". I will definitely use this template to make my own bows for gift-wrapping and floral arrangements in the future!! (P.S. You can also use raffia, cording, curling ribbon, and so on!!!!)

Making a double bow is just as easy as a just wrap one more layer of ribbon around the "Bow Easy" and tie the very same manner!

This one has 6 or 7 layers.....I kept wrapping and stopped counting!!! Isn't it gorgeous?!

Well, now you know why they named it "Bow Easy".....because it's the truth!!!! Try it out for yourself! Head on over to the ODBD store and pick up your small and large "Bow Easy" today!!! Both templates happen to be the Super Special Sale item......15% off until Saturday, January 30th at midnight EST. Hey, while you're there, check out the awesome May Arts Satin and Sheer ribbon!!! For the tutorial and sample below, I used Olive in the 1" satin.

Thanks for stopping by today!!! Many blessings to you!!!

Product Review


Grace said...

Great product review Angie! The Bow Easy is such an inexpensive tool and gives such great results! I think it should have a place in everyone's craft room! Your bows are all gorgeous every time!!!

dini said...

I loooooooove my Bow Easy!

Lori said...

What a spectacular card! Love the bow easy!

jeannen2 said...

Loved the review and thank you for the tutorial! Your bows were fabulous! Now nobody can say they can't do bows!

Patti said...

Thank you a kazillion times over, now I can grow all my hair back after I pulled it out from not 'getting' this little device!!

susanjocb said...

where can you get a big one? Big Bow Easy to make BIG BOWS??