Sunday, February 28, 2010

March New Releases

Spring is so close....can you feel it? When we think of spring, flowers always come to mind. The first sight of a blossom is so refreshing to the soul and fills us with hope. Flowers can be a direct link to the emotions...bitter or sweet. Many of us have sentimental memories of loved ones and the flowers they grew or loved.

Flowers have been used for many ages for their healing properties and emotional clearing attributes, but did you know that flowers have their own language, called "Floriography"? Though the Greeks were the first to establish the language, this was fine tuned in the Victorian era when the first floral dictionaries were published. Each arrangement was carefully put together to create unspoken conversations. Some arrangements expressed adornment, some expressed intimate feelings, while others spoke of betrayal or rejection.

The transition of winter to spring reminds us of the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. After resting, the earth brings forth new life, in the form of flowers and everything green. To celebrate the coming of spring and the upcoming Easter holiday, Our Daily Bread designs has released three beautiful floral sets, each with its own tributes to our King of Kings.

This lovely set, Happy Easter features two Easter sentiments, a scripture stamp from the book of Matthew, plus a beautiful daffodil image. The "language" of the daffodil speaks of regard and respect, sunshine, unrequited love, and "The sun shines when I'm with you." This beautiful image is not only perfect for your upcoming Easter projects, but may be used for many other occasions as well.

Our next set, Easter Blessings, is already a sentimental favorite since the DT previews began a week ago.....many beautiful memories of mothers, grandmothers, etc. are attached to the Lily of the Valley. The "Floriography" of the Lily of the Valley speaks of sweetness, happiness, humility, and the blossoms are often referred to as "Tears of the Virgin Mary". This is another beautiful set which I believe will be a choice for other occasions as well.

Our third set, The Lord Has Risen features the most gorgeous violet image and three fabulous scripture verses. Violets are not only one of the most soft and gorgeous flowers, but they have their own language as well.....violets speak of modesty, virtue, affection, watchfulness, faithfulness, and love.....don't these attributes sound like those of a bride awaiting her Husband?

Stay tuned later this morning, 8 am EST, for the March New Release Blog Hop.....two lucky "hoppers" will win $15 credits toward ODBD stamps! Our Design Team Coordinator, Grace Nywening, does a fabulous job each month planning our hops and special events!

Also, check out this week's Shining The Light Challenge by our Challenge Team for another chance to win. Each Saturday a new challenge is posted on the ODBD blog. Chris Olsen, the Challenge Team Coordinator, is working hard to keep the challenges fun and exciting for everyone!

And don't forget the "Stamping In Time" On Assignment with Betty Wright on the 2nd and 4th Thursday each month. Each challenge features a past ODBD set and another chance to win prizes!

We hope you enjoy the new sets this month. Kelley gives her all to provide the best stamps and products to the paper-crafting community, keeping in mind always to glorify God every step of the way.

Many blessings to you!


Lori said...

Thanks for the language lesson, Angie! The sets are beautiful can't wait to get to the hop.

Patrica said...

I have completed the hop and I have a feeling I am posting in the wrong area hmmm help

Herz-und-Leben said...

Wunderschön! Sind das Freebies oder kann man sie käuflicherwerben?

Liebe Ostergrüße