Friday, September 24, 2010

Flashback Friday Favorites - The Lord's Prayer

Known as the "best known prayer in Christianity", the Lord's Prayer is so powerful, so beautiful, and so humbling. While doing a little research for this article, I came upon the most excellent explanation as to the meaning of the Lord's Prayer. The following quote is from The Prayer Guide:

The Lords prayer, or the "our Father prayer" is prayed daily by thousands of Christians, and can be seen both as a model for prayer, and as to be repeated as part of our daily prayer.
It starts by addressing God as our Father in heaven, that although His name is honoured, and above all other names, we are His children. As such, we occupy a place of privilege, and He wants us to spend time in prayer with Him.
The Lords prayer then moves on to pray that God's Kingdom, or rule, will become the norm on earth, replacing human rules and governments, which too often are driven by greed and power. Only then do we turn to our own needs, and ask our Father for our basic human needs to be satisfied, and that He would forgive the wrong things that we have done. We ask for God's guidance and protection as we journey through life. Finally we turn back to God, and acknowledge His supremacy and position as the Almighty ruler.

This beautiful, single stamp, The Lord's Prayer, measures 2-5/8" x 3-1/8". It is a perfect size for a card, but also may be used to make framed gifts! Check out the gorgeous samples below which prove its beauty and versatility:

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Natalie said...

Good Morning Angie and ladies!! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post. The "Lord's Prayer" is such a fantastic outline and instruction on how to pray! I'm so glad you've shared that. To read what the Lord prayed concerning us, read John 17, it will bless you! I love all the cards, they are so beautifully done. Well done ladies! To God be all the glory!