Monday, November 22, 2010

Techniques, Tutorials, & Tips - Gift Box!

Hello there! Since our first Techniques, Tutorials, & Tips post on the side-step card was a hit, we're back again for another to make a quick and easy gift box out of cardstock. To minimize the length of this post, I did not photograph each and every step, however, all of the instructions will be given.

Let's start with a supply list:
Scor-Pal, Scor-Buddy, or another scoring tool;
Scor-Tape, or other heavy-duty double sided tape;
Border punch of your choice;
For box bottom, one 8-1/2" square piece of cardstock;
For box top, one 6-5/8" square piece of cardstock;
For box top decorative layer, one 6-1/8" square piece of designer paper (or embossed cardstock is another option);
Ribbons, tags, or other embellishments to decorate the finished box.

The measurements of this finished box is 4-1/2" square by 2" tall. Please note that the measurements of the cardstock can easily be adjusted for various sizes......simply add or subtract the same increment from all three pieces.

Step One: Score the 8-1/2" piece at the 2" mark and 6-1/2" mark. Repeat on all four sides. Since I am using the Scor-buddy, I scored half way down, then flipped the cardstock around and scored from the other side. When you're finished, the score lines will all be 2" from the edges.

Step Two: Score the 6-5/8" piece at 1" on all four sides.
Step Three: Score the 6-1/8" piece of designer paper at 3/4" on all four sides.

Step Four: Once you have all of the edges scored, use the scoring tool as you would a boning folder and crease all of the scored lines.

Please note: The next photo shows the new Mini-mat made just for the Scor-Buddy. "What are the Scor-mats for?", you ask. One side is a self-healing cutting mat, with graphed and diagonal measurements to help with your special cutting needs. Plus, it also serves as a work surface.....once you're done scoring with the Scor-Buddy, place the Mini-mat squarely into the Scor-Buddy and keep working. The back side of the Mini-mat, which you will see later in this post, has a slick surface perfect for working with Scor-tape.....Scor-tape is very sticky, but can be removed from this surface easily. (Also note, neither side of the Scor-Mat or Mini-Mat is recommended for heat embossing.)

Step Five: Using scissors, cut four tabs on each of the three scored pieces, as shown in the photo below.

Step Six: Using a border punch of your choice, punch all four sides of both the box lid and the designer paper. NOTE: in order for the punched images to look the same on both ends, start punching in the center and work your way to the outside.

Step Seven: On the underside of each of the tabs that were cut, use Scor-tape or another heavy-duty double sided don't want your box to fall apart!! Adhere the sides of the box bottom together...the cut tabs go on the inside as shown.

Step eight: Add Scor-tape to the tabs on the box top as well. Please note that because of the dotted scallop punch I chose to use, I trimmed the inside edge of each tab so that it would not show through the punched dots once the sides were adhered together. Before I adhere anything together, I usually will fold it together once to make sure the sides match okay. Remove the backing on the Scor-tape and adhere the sides of the lid together.

Step Nine: Turn over the designer paper and apply your Scor-tape. I went a little heavy.....didn't want the designer paper to buckle at all once it was adhered to the top of the box lid. Once again, I trimmed the scalloped edge from the tabs which will be folded inside.

Step Ten: After removing the backing from the Scor-tape, I lowered the box lid onto the sticky side of the designer paper....for me, it was much easier to line up the lid to the paper while it was laying on the mat, instead of trying to place the paper on top of the lid. I adhered the top first, then worked my way around and adhered the side panels to the lid. Now we're ready to decorate!!

Step Eleven: I am using the "Mistletoe Tag Set", along with the custom "Tag Die" which cuts out the stamped image perfectly. Let me show you how: The tag image was stamped in Versamark and heat embossed with Ranger Gold Embossing Powder. (**For a tutorial on how to heat emboss, please check out this post.) Next, place the plastic Tag Die placement guide over the image......when it's lined up perfectly, color in the guide holes with a pen or marker.

Step Twelve: Next remove the plastic positioning guide and place the Tag Die face down over the tag image, lining up the previously colored holes. Once you have them lined up, use several pieces of scotch tape to hold the die in place. Please note: Use at least three or four pieces of tape and press them down really well so that the die does not move when you run it through your die cut machine.

Here is a close up view of the tag....embossed, cut, colored, stamped, layered with a mat (by tracing the outside edge of the Tag Die and cutting by hand, which is easy!), and then sprayed with "Irridescent Gold" Glimmer Mist to match the metallic gold cardstock.

And.....the finished product, using May Arts Crocheted Lace for some simple gift-wrapping! I didn't over-embellish....didn't want to cover up the gorgeous SEI designer paper!! There are many different options when decorating these lovely boxes.....stamping the box before assembling, wrapping the sides with a strip of designer paper or ribbon, etc. The possibilities are endless, especially when deciding what to fill it with!

Thanks for sticking with me through the entire tutorial! Are you ready to make a gift box now? Your friends and family will definitely be blessed and impressed! To make it easier for you to create one of these boxes, or to help you create those cards with special folds, Kelley is offering all Scor-Pal products at a 10% discount this week as the Super Special Sale items! Sale prices end Saturday, November 27 at midnight EST. (Sale prices will be reflected in your shopping cart.) Don't may not need any Scor-Pal products right now, but they do make excellent gifts!!!!

Happy Scoring! Can't wait to see those gift boxes!! Have fun and God Bless!

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Cook22 said...

How really beautiful. The lace and tag are the perfect finishing touches.

Karen W said...

This is gorgeous, thanks for the tutorial!!

Sandee said...

Oh Angella I love it!!!!

Grace said...

Oh Angie... this is a great project! LOVE the gold on the tag!!!

Mickie said...

This looks so easy with my scor-pal and is such a lovely box that could be used for all occasions. That lace for ribbon is beautiful and the tag just sets it off. Beautiful work.

Dawn said...

Just beautiful!!!

Jan Castle said...

Great tutorial!!! Your box is beautiful...will have to give it a try. Thank you.
Jan Castle

Pati said...

Very pretty and handy box!! Thanks for the tutorial. I have the scor-pal and I'm enjoying it more & more.
I recently ordered the mat for the scor-buddy. I already have a work surface mat but it doesn't have all the handy marks on it. The mat for the scor-buddy is a handy sized mat for me. I don't have a scor-buddy (yet) but those mats (buddy or pal) with all the fine lines & measurements are great to use to help square things up, edges or words on a clear block, and to help make consistent measurements on paper. So much easier than the way I use a ruler, moving it top to bottom, trying to eye the same "hair over an 1/8 of an inch" (or any odd measurement not marked on my ruler) on multiple corners!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't really matter what's inside: this box and tag are gift enough! Just gorgeous! Blessings! Jan E.

Dawn said...

fabulous Ang!!! love it

Patter Cross said...

This is just gorgeous Angie! Love the lace tied around the box. Really the perfect touch! Blessings,

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Angie, girl, you are DA BOMB!!!! Girl, this is gorgeous an just the right size o tuck a little something in for someone special. Thanks for all of your hard work and time that went into this tutorial!! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Chrissy D said...

Ohhh love this Angie! Thanks for the step by step tutorial too!

neenie said...

Thanks for the excellent tutorial! I've made boxes but never thought about punching the edges of the top.