Monday, January 10, 2011

Techniques, Tutorials, & Tips - Spinner Card and Flower Soft!

Happy Monday, everyone! Hope your weekend was blessed!!! Today's post is will be a Product Review to feature three new awesome colors of Flower Soft, plus a tutorial on how to make a spinner card using some simple supplies, including two pennies.

To make a spinner card, you will need the following supplies:
Two pennies;
Foam tape or foam dots;
Either a word window punch or a craft knife;
Scor-tape, glue dots, or any heavy duty double sided tape;
Any stamped item, chipboard, or embellishment to be your "spinner" as long as it will cover a penny.

To keep this post from being a mile long, some of the photos have been excluded, however, the written instructions will fill the gaps.

Though you don't necessarily have to have a scene to make a spinner, I chose to use the new Butterfly Corner stamp for my scene, and the Single Butterfly and Butterfly Die to create my spinning item. Once you know the size of your main panel, use a ruler to figure out the size of the spinner panel. So that my butterfly would spin up to the corner, I cut my spinner panel from another piece of cardstock at 3-1/2 inches. When cutting the width of the spinner panel, it should be wide enough to fit one penny and a piece of foam tape on each panel here will be 1-1/2 inches.

Once I cut my spinner panel, I sponged clouds on it to match the background scene, then marked the middle of the paper with a small line across but not all of the way to the ends, so I would be able to punch a straight line with the Word Window Punch. If you do not have one of these punches, you can do this with a craft knife and straight edge (and pencil markings on the backside to cut by). The width of this punch is 3/8". The width of the cut-out can be any measurement as long as it's less than the diameter of a penny, and the length is totally up to you and the project you are creating.

After punching (or cutting) the spinner panel, it's time to begin assembling the spinner. Circular foam dots are ideal, as long as they are smaller than the cut out piece. I did not have foam dots, so I cut some 3M foam tape into a doesn't have to be perfect, but needs to be as close to circular shape as possible or your spinner won't rotate well. Adhere your foam dot to the center of a penny. Place this penny under your spinner panel. Remove the protective covering on the foam tape, then adhere the second penny to the foam tape, lining up as well as you can with the penny on the bottom. Press down on the top penny to make sure that you get a good bond, since the pennies are not smooth.

Here you can see one penny on the bottom and one penny on the top of the spinner panel.....the weight of the two pennies with the space in between create the spinning action. Next, I used a strip of Scor-tape on the top penny, which will adhere the top penny to the butterfly spinner.

On the back side of the spinner panel, line the edges with foam tape, without getting too close to the pennies....the pennies have to have room to roll back and forth. Depending on the thickness of your foam tape, you may need two layers here so that the bottom penny doesn't rub on the main card panel.

The protective covering was removed from the Scor-tape, and the butterfly was adhered to the top penny. The next step is to remove the backing of the foam tape and position the spinner panel on the card.

Next, we are ready to add our Flower Soft!! There are three brand new color blends available.....Marigold, Peony Pink, and Meadow! Flower Soft Glue was applied to half of the butterfly at a time, only within the black lines, so that the image would still be visible under the Flower Soft. The Flower Soft Glue dries fairly quickly, so I usually work a little at a time.

The Marigold Flower Soft was piled on heavily on the glue and tapped down so that the fibers would attach well to the glue. It's always better to pile it on so that you don't get glue on your fingers while tapping it down. Then shake off the excess Flower Soft. I personally like to use a ceramic bowl since there is less static.....I will dump the Flower Soft in the bowl and fluff it up before applying it. If you can't fit the Flower Soft back into the container, Ziploc baggies are a great storage solution.....the Flower Soft stays fluffed for the next use!

Here is the finished butterfly using Marigold Flower Soft. To make the butterfly spin, just tilt the card from side to side and it will roll from one end of the spinner panel to the next.

Here is my finished sample. The background scene was embellished with the Meadow and Peony Pink Flower Soft blends and Zva Creative Pearls in the flower centers and panel corners. The scripture stamp is from another new release this month, the "Faith" set, the paper is by Prima, and the twill ribbon was tied with a Bow Easy.

I hope you are ready to try a spinner card! I LOVE seeing the look on the recipient's face once they see the spinner in action....too fun!!! If you need a little more incentive on using Flower Soft, please check out our previous tutorials here, here, and here.....there's nothing to it but to do it!!!!

If you'd like to try some Flower Soft or add to your current Flower Soft's some good news: All Flower Soft products are the Super Special Sale Item this week....10% off until Saturday, January 15, 2011, at midnight EST! (Sale price will be reflected in your shopping cart.) Our Daily Bread designs has a HUGE selection of Flower Soft products.....pre-printed card toppers, flower pots, starter kits, assortment packs, display globes, and much more! You'll have to go and check it out!

Thanks so much for spending your time with me today! If there are any tutorials or techniques you would like to see in the future, please leave a comment on this post. We are here to serve you!

Stay tuned tomorrow for week two of our first monthly "Let Your Light Shine" scrapbook will LOVE the sample layouts for tomorrow....don't miss it!!

Have a very blessed week! See you next time!!

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Grace said...

WOW GORGEOUS Angie!!! What gorgeous use of flower soft and your slider is fantastic! You do such a great job with these tutorials!!! You rock sister!
Luv ya!

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So pretty Angella! Love that flower soft color!

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Ohhh at first I was thinking ORANGE??? But Ohhhh ahhhh - PRETTY!!! Well done ANgie!

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I'm sitting here with my mouth wide open, Angie. That is incredibly gorgeous!!!

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That's the prettiest spinner card I have ever seen! Thanks for the great tutorial

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Oh Angie, what a fun, fun card. Love the movement. That fancy butterfly is ready to take flight!

Lorelie Kim said...

LOVE all your tutorials, Angie!! Always so thorough and informative and your cards are always TOP NOTCH!!