Monday, February 27, 2012

Techniques, Tutorials, and Tips - How To Leave A Blog Comment

Hello, everyone!! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! This week, instead of Product Review, we've got another "How-to" post to share with you....."How To Leave Blog Comments"! We cherish each and every reader and want to make your blogging experience as pain-free as possible. Not only do we love to hear from you on our weekly posts, but leaving a comment is necessary during our blog hops in order to be eligible for a prize, so we want to make sure everyone knows just how to do that.

There is a lot of information out there about blogging on "the ole internet machine", but here I will simply share what I know....the basics! When a person decides to create a blog, there are a lot of decisions to be made....which company to use, layout and design, and the most important settings. Unfortunately we live in a world where others thrive on causing trouble for others....these are what we call "spammers". Most blogs are designed to detect spam, however, a lot still comes through to the blog comment boxes. When visiting a blog, during a blog hop, for example, you may experience a few "roadblocks" due to that individual's security settings. Some blogs will have "Word Verification", some will not accept "Anonymous" comments (since most spam is anonymous), and some blog owners prefer to approve each comment before they are published. Since no blog (or blog owner) is alike, please have patience and also be aware of any extra instructions or messages after you click the button to publish your comment.

As mentioned above, all blogs are designed differently, so you may have to search for the comment box. For most blog posts, the comment box is at the very bottom of the post, along with Labels, who wrote the post, etc., however, though not so common, some blogs have their comment box next to the title of the post, at the top. When I am having trouble locating the comment box, I just run my mouse over the post until I locate the comment link that is underlined. Once again, through blog owner choice, you may not find "Comments" or "Leave A Comment" anywhere, but instead may see something like, "Leave Me Some Love", or "__Friends Left A Comment", or "Blog Love", or "Blessings Received", etc.

Since the majority of our designers use Blogger, I have snipped some pieces from the ODBD (Our Daily Bread designs) Blog so that you have a visual to go with my written instructions. This snip shows the bottom of last week's Flashback Friday Favorites post. On the top right corner, you will see that two readers have commented on that post. If you were to run your mouse over "comments" (in a live post), you would see that it is a link since it will be underlined and highlighted. If you click on it, it will take you to the comment page.

This snip is another variation you might see at the bottom of a post, for example, if you had clicked on the post from an email, or from a direct link to this particular post in stead of the general blog address. If the comment box is already open, to get to the comment page, you would click on "Post A Comment" at the bottom left corner.

Though some blogs will open up a tiny comment box in a separate window, a lot of comment links will take you to another page, like shown below. Type your comment in the box on the right.

Depending on the blog security settings, you may have to fill in the word verification security words after you type your comment. If the words are not clear enough for you to read, click on the "refresh" symbol (little circle arrow) to the right of the box. If you have visual problems, you can also click on the "sound" symbol in middle and type the words you hear within the garbled speech. If you need further instructions, click on the question mark and a "Help" box will pop up. Word Verification is very common since it blocks most spammer automatic computer programs from getting through to your blog.

Next, before you can publish your comment, you will have to sign in with one of the following options.

Signing up for a Google account is the most popular choice. Anyone can sign up for a Google account at do not have to open a blog or use their email.....unless you want to!! It is for identification purposes for leaving blog comments and to sign in to YouTube also!

Another option is OpenID, which includes Word Press, Type Pad, Live Journal, and AIM. If you already have accounts or blogs through these, sign in with your ID and password here.

Some blogs will allow comments with this option. Fill in your name and optional URL, for example, the address to your Splitcoast Gallery or Flickr account.

The last option is "Anonymous", which causes some frustration for blog readers who do not have another form of on-line identification. If you choose not to sign up for another type of ID, you need to know that you may not be able to leave a comment on certain individuals' blogs due to their security choices. If, however, a blog does accept anonymous comments, please make sure that you leave your name (first and last) plus an email address or some way to discern who you are, in case you are a winner. If your comment is chosen randomly to be the winner, if you leave only your first name (and no other info about you) with your comment, another name will be chosen as winner instead.

Okay, you have found the comment link, typed your comment, deciphered the word verification, chose your you are ready to leave your comment! You do have the option to "preview" to see what your comment will look like. When you are ready, "Publish Your Comment"! As I mentioned above, some blogs are set up may receive the Word Verification box after you hit "Publish" or you may see the message "Will publish after blog owner approval".

I hope that these tips were helpful to you. If you ever need a refresher, you will be able to find this post in the Product Review/Tutorials Archive post HERE or simply click the Product Review tab at the top of the blog and it will take you right to it. All of the past Product Reviews, Technique Tips, and Tutorials are all in one place, for your convenience! If you ever have any questions or suggestions about tutorials or reviews, please feel free to contact me at angelladcrockett at yahoo dot com.

Have a blessed week! (Pssst.....don't forget about the New Release post and March Blog Hop on Thursday!!!)

Product Review/Tutorial Writer


Grace said...

Wonderful job explaining this Angie! I think it will be helpful to many of our readers/hoppers/challenge players! Thanks for all the time you put into this wonderfully detailed explanation!

Caryn S said...

This is actually an excellent tutorial! I think you covered all of the issues that someone new to comment posting would encounter. When I saw the title I thought "how odd!" but it is actually a very good listing of all of the issues I have encountered when visiting blogs. Now to prove I'm not a robot...

One thing though: Has anyone else found that the format used for those little pictograph type words sometimes makes it IMPOSSIBLE to make out the letters?!?

Becky said...

Yes Caryn, I have difficulty reading the second word for bloggers verification. after a few times I just give up, I do not know why they make it so difficult, I have even tried the voice :) to no avail, it spits out words every 2 seconds :). Even now as I am writing this I notice there are not any word verifications here to type, I use Fire Fox and if I use Internet explorer the second word is almost impossible to read, so either I skip this comment at our daily bread or switch to chrome to leave this comment :) that is how much trouble many have to go through now.
I keep my comments on moderation, I have to read them before being published, no spam gets through this way, people just will not see their comments until I get home from work :). So let me now cut and past this comment from Fire fox to Chrome.

Sally-Ann Huson said...

Thank You , Thank You , Thank You! I particularly find these explicit "KnowHow" sessions really helpful. Although I am a regular Blog visitor on some sites you wish to leave a comment and because you do not have your own Blog there is occasionally no facility to do so. Now I understand why that may be! Again Thanks ....

Sally-Ann Huson said...

Thank You , Thank You , Thank You! I particularly find these explicit "KnowHow" sessions really helpful. Although I am a regular Blog visitor on some sites you wish to leave a comment and because you do not have your own Blog there is occasionally no facility to do so. Now I understand why that may be! Again Thanks ....

Leanne ... said...

Thank you Angela for your great explanation on how to post a comment.
Blessings from Leanne

Karenajo said...

Thanks for this great information for some of us 'blog challenged' users. I do not have any of the 'accounts' and use 'anonymous'. I do leave my name, but did not know the comment would be rejected because it is 'anonymous'.


Anonymous said...
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