Saturday, July 21, 2012

Clean and Simple Saturday!

Hi everyone! You, our beloved readers, have spoken, and we at Our Daily Bread designs are listening! "Clean and Simple" or "CAS" cards are the rave right now in the stamping world for many reasons. Whether there are time restraints, cost of supplies, or just a need to "simplify" and "de-clutter", going the clean and simple route is one way to go.

I have to confess.....when I started stamping, I was all about adding many layers and filling up every space on my cards or layouts. Thanks to so many talented CAS crafters out there, especially to my designer sisters at Our Daily Bread designs, I have learned to tone things down a bit. Though I still love to "oogle" those projects which I call "involved", and still create them as well, I am loving the simplicity of "Clean and Simple".  Our Daily Bread designs' vast stamp collection, plus the growing line of Custom Cutting Dies, makes it even easier to create fast, simple, and beautiful designs!!

Originally, "Clean and Simple" stood for mostly one layer, minimal stamping, simple embellishments, and mostly open "clean" space. Since many of us are learning that "less is more", "Clean and Simple" to many means that there has been a huge step taken toward simplifying. So....since it seems that there are now many "degrees" of CAS, our new feature here at ODBD is "Clean and the Third Degree". Each post will show a few very CAS cards, others with a little more "meat on the bones", and others which may have a couple of layers, but with a very simple design which would be easy to duplicate. Enjoy the different "degrees" of CAS below!!!

Our Daily Bread designs "God's Love" Designer Sandee Shanabrough
Our Daily Bread designs "Happy Birthday", "Scripture Collection 9" Designer Angie Crockett
Our Daily Bread designs "Faith", "Quote Collection 1" Designer Rosemary Dennis
Our Daily Bread designs "Old Flag Background", "Not Forgotten" Designer Debi Southard
Our Daily Bread designs "Dog Sympathy" Designer Silke Ledlow
Our Daily Bread designs "Apple Seeds" Designer Sabrina Jackson
Our Daily Bread designs "Keep My Lamp Burning" Designer Betty Wright
Our Daily Bread designs "Seed Packet" Designer Grace Nywening
Our Daily Bread designs "Friendship"  Designer Angie Crockett

Thanks for stopping by today!  We hope you enjoyed the CAS (and not-so-CAS) samples!!  God bless!!

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kathi17 said...

Wow, it's interesting that you should be showcase CAS today. I was just uploading a CAS ODBD card to my blog, and clicked here to find the stamp links when I saw it! I guess great minds think alike!

Anita Braddock said...

Wow Super Beautiful love love your stamps and the layering of all the cards are Beautiful. thanks for sharing

Sparkly Engineer said...

Wonderful cards from the design team. There is so much inspiration on just this one post. Wow!

Pati said...

Very nice. Thank you. I think CAS is refreshing and easy on the eyes (and brain)! Besides it really showcases the beauty of ODBD stamps!

Becky said...

what Beautiful cards! I do love making cas cards myself.

Sarah said...

Such gorgeous examples! I would love to see a trend toward simpler cards. More than one layer but not so heavily embellished. Great post and lots to think about. Hugs

Traci S. said...

Hi Angie~

This was very informative. I loved seeing the different "types" of CAS cards. I thought it was a piece of cardstock and a stamped image. It's nice to know that there is a "go-between" for a simple CAS card and a "multi-layered-lots of bells and whistles" type of card. This was great and so helpful!

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