Friday, August 24, 2012

Randi's Birthday Winners....and a search for other winners!

I want to thank all of you who left Randi a birthday message! I know it made her birthday extra special this year!

Randi commented.....
Meemee48, you are so right!!! And the ladies from ODBD and its readers helped to make it one of the best ever. The other, of course, is the fact that God has allowed me to reach the age of 60. This is indeed one of God's great blessings to me. I do not deserve it but I am truly thankful.

Thank you again ladies of ODBD for the gorgeous cards and thoughtful words. AND thank you readers for the beautiful wishes and prayers.

My doctors have no idea why I am to still here. It has been two years since the docs gave me 5 months to live and 5 months ago they said that I would have about 2 months to live. But our God is a gracious God and gives us many blessing. To be a part of His sufficient grace is beyond my understanding but I am one thankful person.

The winners of the Happy Birthday stamp sets are:

Aunt Em said...
Happy Belated Birthday wishes Randi! You could feel the warmth, love and admiration from each stop along the hop and so many pretty greetings to cheer you on. I am thinking you are a very special lady. :) Cheers!!!

Deckerations said...
Kelley, thanks so much for letting us join the special birthday celebration for Randi. I've never met her and yet feel a bond just from seeing her work and reading her notes on ODBD site and her blog.
Your card was a beautiful creation and the colors were vibrant--a great way to celebrate.
Our prayers are with Randi and we are praying for a special 60th birthday for her. Happy 60th Randi!! You are so blessed to have so many loving/caring people in your life.

Brenda ( said...
Happy Birthday Randi!!! I feel like I know you from all the comments. I feel a kinship with you in Christ. What a blessing knowing how much our Savior loves you but also so many friends. I really like the Randi's Song collection and identify with it in so many ways. I have had kidney cancer and know the peace beyond all understanding that only He can give. Blessings to you!!!

Ladies, please send an email to with the subject line of "Randi" and please include your address.

I only get to see Randi a few times a year now, when we are at a show in Michigan, and I miss her so much.  In 2010 Randi "worked" at many, many shows and she just loved being at them.  I used the term "work" very loosely as I know how much she enjoyed them since she missed teaching, as she had to take an early retirement from her 20+ year teaching career. The shows gave Randi an oppurtunity to do the things she loved...stamp, teach and share her love of the ODBD scripture stamps!

Doesn't she have just the best smile?


On another note.... I am still waiting to hear from 2 of my winners from the Customer Favorites Scripture Contest:
Rosa Ann Whitehorn Smith

Ladies, please contact me ASAP!

Thanks for visiting today!!


Auntie Em said...

Oh my! I am so excited and thankful for winning a set of your beautiful stamps! Thank you so much! :)

kathi17 said...

Randi, I hope you read this, I have been away for a little over a week, and didn't get a chance to comment on your birthday. You are such an inspiration to us all. It's difficult for me to write this because my husband and I just went through over twenty years with three of our parents having cancer. It is probably the most difficult thing anyone can go through, other than losing a child. Your story and your faith in God gives us so much inspiration and hope. You are a very beautiful lady.

Cindy Coutts said...

I missed the birthday too and am so sorry so Happy Belated Birthday Randi! You have always amazed me with your faith and story. You are my "go to" think about lady when I start to have a pity party. You are a walking testimony that God is still alive and well today. Hugs and blessings to you.

Cindy Coutts said...

PS; I was thinking of you the other day so that's why I used your stamp set for the ODBDSLC120 card.

Mary-Anne V said...

congrats to the winner... blessings to Randi and hopefully she will continue to defy the doc. odds and let the Lord shine through her.