Thursday, October 18, 2012

Time With Grace and a fun Christmas decoration!

Hello my friends!  Thanks so much for spending time with me today!  I want to share a fun project that was actually the first thing I made with this month's releases!  I have been seeing these fun cones all over the place lately... some are made strictly of paper, for lightweight  gifts or ornaments, and some are made, like this one, of heavy chipboard that you then decorate.  If you wanted to make an all paper cone, you would simply stamp the O Christmas Tree Carol all over a piece of paper, masking the edges and sponging to create the effect of layered images and then wrap in to a cone shape and trim.  The paper cones however are flimsy and would only last for one season in my opinion, so I decided to use the heavier chipboard cone.   I have described below how to alter this kind of cone.   For some.... there is no need of instructions on how to alter something, but given the number of emails we get asking us how to do various projects, a little instruction might be helpful for many.  So here are the basic steps to create this pretty Christmas decoration.

Materials Needed:
Musical Sheet Music Stamp - Our Daily Bread designs O Christmas Tree Carol Background, Perfect Gift for Tag, Sacred Season (pine needles around edge of tag)
Chipboard Cone (Michael's) (I cut mine down to 7.5")
Inks: Adirondak Ginger, T Holtz Distress Inks in Old Paper, Antique Linen, Forest Moss, Brushed Corduroy and Black Soot used here.
Paper that is pliable (not stiff card stock).  I used parchment paper.
Mod Podge
Wired Burlap Ribbon
Scrap of wide lace
Large Bead/Crystal for bottom
Aileen's Jewelry Adhsive
Seam Binding
Various greenery and decor as filler, or candy, or other goodies of choice

First, stamp off several images using the O Christmas Tree Carol Background on light weight paper.  (I used parchment paper)  Tear the edges instead of cutting them, and distress each panel using any combination of Distress Inks.  I crumpled my images up, then ran the ink pads directly on the paper to pick up that wrinkle (with Old Paper and Antique Linen)I then sponged on my darker inks on the edges, finishing with Black Soot.

Next you want to seal the chipboard cone with a thin coat of Mod Podge. 

Once sealed, the cone is ready to be covered with overlapping sheet music images.  I tried to end with one full design facing front, but you certainly can do it randomly and it will look every bit as good. I applied my Mod Podge to the back of the paper with a sponge brush and then simply wrapped it around, being careful there were no air bubbles or wrinkles.


Once the entire cone is covered, apply a sealing coat of Mod Podge and let dry. 

When it is totally dry, you can begin to decorate it as desired.  I knew I wanted some lace even though the pine cones and greenery of the image made me think of a more rustic look... but hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when it comes to making things pretty, right?  So, I had a scrap of wide lace that I wanted as an underlay for my main ribbon treatment, and also as a way to finish off my top rim.  I ran a strip of adhesive along the inside edge of the cone.

Next, I ran a strip of adhesive around the top outside of the cone as well. If you look closely you'll see the ridges of the adhesive below. 

Then I took my scrap of lace and wrapped it around the cone, with about a fourth of an inch wrapping over the top edge and adhering to the inside adhesive.

This finishes off that top edge a little prettier than just leaving it a raw chip board edge.  

Next, I took the wired burlap ribbon and finger pleated it.  This is very easy to do with wired ribbon, as it will hold it's pleated shape without needing to be sewn.

Pleat until you have enough to wrap all the way around the cone plus about 1/4" turn under on the edges.  Again, because this is wired ribbon, you don't need to sew that hem as the wire will hold it.  Apply the adhesive to the upper edge like you did for the lace, and adhere.

Next I used a paper piercer to poke a hole in each side of my cone below the bottom edge of the pleated burlap, finding the half way point on each side of the cone, and measuring down from the top to be sure both sides were even.  I then threaded a large eye embroidery needle with my Seam Binding, and passed it through those holes.

I started out with a loose end inside the cone, and pulled the other end of the ribbon through all the way, then went in from the outside of the other side, so that my knot was on the inside of the cone and not visible when the cone is hanging.

 Next, I put my needle though the bottom of the cone to open a hole, ran a wire through my crystal, and passed that up through the hole, and ahdered it inside the cone with Aileen's Jewelry Adhesive.

Finally, I tied my seam binding around the top of the cone, making a bow for the front.  I'm now ready to fill it with whatever I want.
I decided I wanted to go rustic, so I gathered together some things I had on hand:  brown paper covered wire, greenery, nuts, cinnamon sticks, a rustic jingle bell,  and a premade shipping tag.  I stamped the country style Christmas Tree from Perfect Gift and around the edges I stamped some pine boughs from Sacred Season.  I distressed the tag and added some twine, and tucked that in the back of the cone.

  I took the brown paper covered wire and wrapped it around my paper piercer to form the curly cues like this:

 After shaping the wire and cutting a stem long enough to fit the cone right, I simply added things to the cone until I liked how it looked. Really... the sky is the limit with these fun cones!  I have seen them hung on the back of chairs at a festive dinner party, hung on the tree with goodies in them, or on the wall as a decor piece in themselves.  I hope you'll consider tying this!  It would make a much appreciated gift for that person who values hand made goodness! 

Thanks for spending time with me today and I hope you enjoyed my project!  I'd love to have you visit my blog, Th-INK-ing of You whenever you can!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season!!!

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Marlena M. said...

This is a KEEPER Grace. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!

TLady said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! THIS IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) YES, I DEFINATELY want to make this!!!!!!!! Can you IMAGINE how people would react to this being given to them???? I KNOW I'd fall off my chair if someone gave me one!!!!!!!!!! :) GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! :)

Sabrina aka okimom2girlz said...

Grace, Grace, Grace....I am blown away!! OMGosh what a stunning creation!! I have this thing for Tussie Mussies and this one is absolutely beautiful! Hugs and blessings, Sabrina

Crazydi said...

Grace I LOVE this and I'm aiming to make one myself before Christmas - everyone I know will love it too. I can see this coming out year after year for the festive season. Beautiful - thank you so much for sharing it :) x

Bridget said...

A stunning Christmas project with wonderful instructions,'s just so beautifully put together, with everything in EXACTLY the right place - AMAZING!!

Tammy said...

This is sooooooo inspiring and anointed:) You've done it again!! It's always such a blessing to get to glean from you---plus your uber cutie pie personality is such an added bonus, too!! You are so gifted and I"m so thankful that you share so much of you and your heart with us all!! be blessed
~Beyond Measure

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Kathy said...

Wow, Grace, this is so gorgeous! Awesome instructions too! Blessings! Kathy

Anonymous said...

Wow Grace, this is awesome. Soooo beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. Your cards and projects are so inspiring.

Margie F.

mimiof2 said...

First, I must tell you that I think your cone is absolutely gorgeous. I appreciate the fact that you designed something that would last for more than one or two seasons. I also appreciated your step by step instructions. They are so helpful to me. Now I need to get to Michaels and order some stamps!

Carole Robb Bisson said...

Absolutely beautiful. Blessings Carole

Cards By Jan said...

Oh WOW!!! Grace this is Awesome!! My heart went THUD!! What a beautiful gift to give anyone!! WOW Thanks Hon

Conniecrafter said...

Oh my such a stunning decoration, love all the wonderful details you put into it that gives it that vintage feel, Lovely!!

Angella D. Crockett said...

Grace, you are my hero! This is one amazing masterpiece of a project! I want to be like you when I grow up! Mwaaaah!!

Chris Olsen, Glowbug said...

Grace, this is stunning!! What a gorgeous holiday decoration!! Stunning and so creative!!

Gretchen Wilson said...

Grace you are amazing, this is such a wonderful new project I would love to do for my home decorating for Christmas, and I as so far behind that I better get busy. thanks for the tutorial, it's good.

Lagene said...

Gorgeous project! I love the vintage look of it!

Betty Wright said...

WOW! Grace, this is absolutely amazing and just so gorgeous! Stunning detail and design!

Jan Marie said...

This is amazing, Grace!! Love the concept and the execution!! Beautifully done and. . .instructions so we can copy!!

Sandee Shanabrough said...

Sooooo gorgeous Grace!!!!! I love it!