Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time with Julie in Candle Light!

 Hello friends of ODBD!  We are so glad you took time out of your busy day to spend time with us!  Today we have the privilege of spending time with our ever so creative and talented Julie!  Julie has come up with an awesome table-scape for us that is truly beautiful!  It will look great on our tables or as last minute hand made gifts for loved ones!  So sit back and enjoy!

Merry Christmas to you all! If you're like me, Christmas is fast approaching and I'm just getting farther behind the closer it gets! It's definitely crunch time around here. So in light of that, I needed a really quick project that looked festive and above all, had to use things I already had around the house. No time to run to the store, so use what I have. So last night, I'm thinking, I know have some candles and candles always look nice around the holidays, so how can I dress them up a bit? This is what I came up with and these are the supplies I used.
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner
Since I love snowflakes, I used the new Sparkling Snowflakes set and matching Snowflakes Dies. I also used a piece of white vellum, Brilliance moonlight white ink, an empty 1 liter soda bottle and a recycled silver card board box. Along the way, I added some flat bottom glass marbles and the acrylic jar they came in and a small stack of screw top jars that usually hold beads.

ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner
To begin, I washed and cut the top off of the soda bottle. This cuts very easily and can be done with either a craft knife or box cutter. The box cutter was handy, so that's what I used.
At first, I thought I might use the bottom part, but all I used was the very top part of the bottle (shown on the right).
The jar the glass marbles came in turned out to be the almost the perfect size for my candle...just a little too tall. So I put the red and clear marbles in the bottom then worked in the upside down top of the cut off bottle. After placing the candle inside, I filled in with more clear marbles.
When all the marbles were in, you really couldn't even tell that an upside down bottle was holding the candle up. Then I cut a bunch of different sized snowflakes out the silver box and a wide band using some Spellbinders edger dies.
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner

I attached 3 of the snowflakes together with a red rhinestone brad and used this hold the band together for the top of my candle. I slid this onto the top of my candle holder.
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner
I wanted a sort of table scape with multiple candles, so I unscrewed a couple of the stacked bead jars (which just happen to be the perfect size for tea light candles), placed a tea light in the top sections of the two stacks, and placed more of the marbles in the bottom sections. I made simple bands for the tops of these two and stuck more of the snowflakes in the back of the bands.
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner
 For my one remaining jar type candle, I made a vellum sleeve to go over it by stamping the snowflakes with the white ink and cutting it to 8 1/2" x 3 1/8". I used a narrow tape type adhesive around the very top of the vellum and attached another die cut silver band around the top and placed the candle and vellum sleeve on a small gem circled glass plate.
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner
I placed more silver snowflakes inside the back of the band around the top. And this what all my little candles look like now. I'm thinking the jars would also look good with glitter or colored sand or even Prima flowers in them. They could even be changed out for different occasions or holidays. 
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner 
Here's a view with the vellum sleeve wrapped candle lit up. Love those snowflakes!
ODBD Stamps, Sparkling Snowflakes, Snowflake Dies, Julie Warner
Thanks so much for stopping by! I have some cards using these wonderful snowflakes and dies on my blog: The Write Stuff.

Thank you soooo much Julie!!!  This is so pretty and Christmassy but I really can see using these year round with all different themes!  I know you have inspired our readers with new ideas of how to use their stamps and dies! 

I hope you will leave Julie some love here, and please stop by her blog to be wowed by her other projects!  

Well.... only 12 days until Christmas!  Are you ready?  I know we all get in such a rush at this time of the year, but let's stay focused on the reason for the season, and be sure we first and foremost celebrate that indescribable gift from God!  He is worthy of our praise and honor... so on this special occasion, let's be sure He is not crowded out!  We at ODBD wish you and yours a very merry Christmas, and a most blessed new year!!!

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Sandee Shanabrough said...

How gorgeous Julie!!! You are so creative!!! Way to use things you already have!

Angella D. Crockett said...

Wow, Julie, these are so beautiful!!! Thanks for the instructions, plus the inspiration to re-purpose different products! (I can see my "recycle" stash growing more in the future!!)HUGS!!

Conniecrafter said...

Gorgeous way to dress up the candle holders!!

Shelia said...

oh my goodness Julie, these are so gorgeous!! Love them!!

Beth Norman said...

I follow Julie's blog and boy is she talented. I love this project. Julie always comes up with something cool for us.

Cards By Jan said...

Wow Julie...BEAUTIFUL!! What a way to use up things laying around the house...Love it

scrappingnana said...

What a great idea. These are all gorgeous.

Kelley said...

So cool, Julie!Awesome project!!