Sunday, February 17, 2013

Product Review Stamp and Die Storage

Have you been looking for a storage solution for your Stamps and Dies? Look no further, as Our Daily Bread Designs recently added some new Stamp and Die Storage products to our website.
We are carrying both the Full and Mini size EzBinders. 

Each EZBinder features a locking clip to keep the binder shut tight, locking rings to keep your stamp sets held inside and a clear overlay on the outside of the binder so that you can customize each binder with your own unique style.
EZBinder Full Size - available at     
The EZBinder (Full Size) measures 10 3/4" wide x 11 5/8" tall x 1 1/2" deep.
 EZBinder Mini Size - available at
The EZBinder (Mini) measures 7" wide x 9 1/2" tall x 1 1/4" deep.
EZBinders (Full Size) hold five (5) EZMount cling Stamp Storage Panels (SS05) with stamps attached on one side or four (4) EZMagnetic 2-N-1 Panels (SS41-2) with dies and stamps on both sides or twelve (12) EZMagnetic 2-N-1 Panels (SS41-2) with dies on one side and nothing on the back sides.
Storage Boards - available at   
We are also carrying the EZMount Stamp Storage Panels and EZMagnetic 2-N-1 Panels, in both Full and Mini Size.  The EZMount Stamp Storage Panels all you to use both sides of the panels for storage.  The EZMagnetic 2-N-1 Panels hold stamps on one side and dies on the other! 

You can find them HERE on our website.

Here is what my stamps looked like before and after using the new EzBinder Storage System. 

Stamp Stoarge before after - using stamp/die storage available at   

Doesn't that look fabulous!  I love the organization of having my stamps and dies together in one place!
Here's a video showing the Stamp and Die Storage
Product Review Stamp and Die Storage - 
You can purchase the Stamp and Die storage HERE on our website.
EZRelease Tape available at

We've also added EZRelease Tape to our website.  This tape features a low-tack adhesive for use with metal dies, embossing tools and more. Each roll is over 25 yards long (80+ feet) by nearly 1" wide.   
For added inspiration using our products, visit our Blog and Gallery.  You can also find inspiration using our products on Facebook and Pinterest!

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